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Hollie Pickup


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Angela Pickup opened Razzamataz Theatre Schools York in September 2011 after trying to find her daughter Hollie, aged 13 at the time, a new theatre arts class. Although there was nothing suitable on the market then, Angela did come across the Razzamataz franchise and knew how popular it would be in her area.

Hollie became the first student and by 17, she started to work at the school, covering a variety of jobs from the front of house reception to a classroom assistant. For the last four years, Hollie has been the vocal coach as well as the assistant principal, giving her the very best on-the-job training. She is now the new principal as of January 2021.

Hollie says;

“From a young age, I’ve always loved singing and dancing and performing in front of my mum and dad, even singing into a candle, anything as long as I was performing. When mum opened Razzamataz York, it became my everything. I also went to music college for three years to study performance Level 3, which I loved and achieved a distinction. Since then, I’ve pursued my career by teaching at Razzamataz and working with all different children. Although I’ve never run my own business before, I’ve always said from a young age that I want my own Razzamataz.

I feel super excited for the new challenges ahead, and to push myself and Razzamataz York to be the best that we can be. I feel confident that I will have all the support from the head office, and of course my mum. She will always be with me every step of the way. Our parents at Razzamataz York are also so supportive. I feel proud to be running my own business at the age of 24.

When you see such shy children come to us who are clinging to their parents, and then within a few weeks of being at Razzamataz they run through the door without even a goodbye to mums and dads. I love the confidence that children gain. When we take the children to perform in London or when they do their annual shows. This is such a rewarding experience as you see something so fantastic, that the kids and the staff have worked so hard towards. The outcome just brings a tear to my eye. I absolutely adore my Razz family.

I know that what we are doing at Razzamataz is so very worthwhile for children. Running a theatre school is a lifestyle, not merely a job you just clock in and out of. As a team, we are all passionate about what we do and that positivity is incredibly motivating.

Mum has done amazing things for the children at Razzamataz York. I’m so proud of the community that she has built and the opportunity she has given me. I definitely feel ready to take this on and to continue to grow the business and support the students to be the best that they can be, both in terms of performing arts and life skills. Performing arts and the confidence that it brings to children is now more important than ever before. I’m so grateful that we can continue to bring that to the young people of York.