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Angela Pickup is a mum of three, with just one child of 16, still living at home. Her interest in performing arts goes back years when she was involved at Senior Management level within the leisure & tourism industry, working behind the scenes on big entertainment events with many celebrities.

When her daughter showed a flair for performing, Angela enrolled her at her nearest performing arts school. It was apparent that after three years that her daughter needed a change of direction to a school that had a more modern concept of what today’s children want. After looking at the market and what was on offer in York, Angela decided that Razzamataz was definitely the right product to buy into.

Her daughter has attended Razzamataz York for two years, and with the excellent training she has received, she is now embarking on a recording career within the music industry at just 16 years old. Razz has made this dream come true, as it gives children the confidence and skills to believe in themselves and go the extra mile.